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There is nothing quite like having a fresh, plush, spotless carpet. Although we wish our carpets could stay this way forever, that is not realistic. Life happens — from pets to children and gatherings to accidental spills. While these things are all well worth the dirty carpets, scheduling professional carpet cleaning services are here to help.

You probably love the way that your carpet brings comfort and warmth into your home, but get unsettled thinking about the dirt and grime that it collects over time. It is walked upon hundreds of times during the day and experiences quite a bit of wear and tear, so it’s no wonder why they are going to get dirty and show wear eventually.

With our team of professional carpet cleaners at Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration, you can trust our carpet steam cleaner methods to make your carpets look good as new. With years of experience, our team has the perfect solution to make your carpet fresh and clean in an efficient, reliable manner.

While vacuuming your carpet or rugs throughout your home every week or two is an efficient way of cleaning up crumbs and bits from little messes, such as dog hair or popcorn from your last movie night — but it won’t actually cleanse your carpet and rugs from the dirt and grime that make their way into the actual fibers of your rugs. Vacuuming is great for day-to-day messes, but over time, a deep clean of your carpets is a must.

Vacuums have a brush at the base that breaks up surface dirt on your carpets so that it can suction it out and into the dirt canister. However, the bristles on these brushes typically are not enough to break up the dirt and allergens that make their way deep into the carpet fibers. Believe it or not — if your only means of cleaning your carpets is running your vacuum over everything, you are likely missing more than half of the gunk that is trapped within the carpet fibers. This can even lead to illness, as allergens and bacteria often get left untouched. Gross, right? Not only that, but leaving this dirt and debris will wear away your carpet fibers and cause damage over time if left untreated.

While home steam cleaning may seem like a great solution to getting that deeply embedded dirt and grime out, it actually isn’t much better than vacuuming. The heat can work well to break up dirt and suction it out of the fibers, but often times water can get left in the carpet where it will sink down towards the base and padding below. This is because people often move too quickly and don’t suction up enough water, and instead of cleaning your carpets, it hangs out, molds, and ultimately ends up wrecking your carpet — and creating a greater risk for illnesses and ongoing health issues.

The only way that you can truly deep clean your carpets is to schedule periodic professional carpet cleaning services. These services will not only clean and protect your carpets, but protect you from potential bacteria or mold that could be growing within your carpets. What makes professional carpet cleaning services different from at-home methods is the combination of specialized cleaners, machines, and training that are used. At Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration, we use cleaning products that are made specifically for carpets in order to break up the dust and dirt that are ground-in deep within the carpet without harming the fibers. Applying steam to further loosen ground-in gunk, our machines work to kill germs and are specially designed with powerful enough suction to collect as much water as possible, leaving you with fresh and clean, dirt, dust, and mold-free carpets!

While there is no simple answer as to how often you should have professional carpet cleaning services performed on your carpets, there are a few guidelines that can help you to figure out the right answer depending on your specific needs.

First and foremost, you are going to want to check out your carpet’s warranty guidelines. As we discussed above, professional carpet cleaning is the only way to truly clean your carpets, and most carpet manufacturers will only provide warranty coverage if you have dutifully cared for your carpet — which means more than simply vacuuming. The frequency of how often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned will vary due to there being many different types of carpeting materials that vary in durability, but the average warranty requirement is generally to have professional carpet cleaning services every year to year and a half. The most important thing to note here is that most warranties will not accept at-home steam cleaners or vacuuming as sufficient enough care. In order to get that coverage, you will need to be able to show that you’ve had professional carpet cleaning services performed to maintain your carpets. While this might seem like a lot, the good news is that with the combination of vacuuming and periodic professional carpet cleanings you can expect your carpets to have a much longer lifespan.

Something to keep in mind is that just because your warranty demands a certain frequency for carpet cleaning doesn’t mean you can’t have them professionally cleaned more often. You will likely want to have them cleaned more often — not just for the way they make your house feel and smell amazingly clean, but because of circumstances that cause your carpets to get dirtier quicker. One big factor is having pets. Especially if they spend time both indoors and outdoors, you will want to increase the frequency of your professional carpet cleaning services.

Pets track a lot of dirt and grime into your home, which will wear down your carpets more quickly. The necessary frequency for getting your carpets cleaned will depend on how many pets you have and how much dirt they drag in. Even if you can’t see the dirt, animals typically don’t wear shoes, and dirt gets tucked into their paws and finds its way into your carpet. Pet owners typically schedule professional carpet cleaning services every six weeks, or every three to six months, depending on the scenario. The frequency may also increase during the spring and winter when it is more muddy, and decrease during the drier times of the year.

Another key thing to keep in mind when planning the frequency of your professional carpet cleaning services is if anyone living in your household has any respiratory concerns such as allergies or asthma. Due to the fact that carpets frequently capture and trap allergens that can have an effect on breathing, such as pollen and dust, you may want to increase the frequency of your carpet getting professionally steam cleaned.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a free consultation, and we can provide you with specific information based on your unique needs!

Whether you own a home, an apartment complex, or rent — it is likely that one of your goals is to keep your space in good condition. Any home that is well-maintained will have fewer costly repair needs, and ultimately last longer. But did you know that carpet care often goes overlooked? Many people focus on repairs as they come across them and impact their day-to-day functions, such as a broken cabinet door or a leak in the roof. Although we walk across our carpets every day, we typically can’t see when dirt and grime are forming deep within the fibers, and they don’t impact our daily routine much. This is a pity, because carpets see some of the hardest wear and tear! Here are some of the reasons why carpet care matters and what proper carpet care entails:

Why Carpet Care Matters

Besides the obvious goal of wanting to have clean, fresh carpets, carpet care is crucial for increasing the lifespan of your carpet. The lifespan will depend greatly depend on the carpet itself, the padding underneath, and the care it receives, but you can expect a carpet to last anywhere between 10 and 20 years. Your carpet’s warranty information is another good indicator of this. With the appropriate care of getting routine professional carpet cleaning services, you can expect your carpet to live up to the warranty length, if not longer — and the longer your carpet lasts, the more money you keep in your wallet.

How Dirt Can Affect Your Carpets

Like we mentioned earlier, the fibers of your carpet are really good at trapping little particles of dirt and grime, and while vacuuming removes the dirt on the surface, it still misses the bottom half of the carpet fibers. When you continuously miss this section of your carpet, it continues to accumulate more and more dirt over time, ultimately wrecking the fibers. Believe it or not, the bits of dust, dirt, and ground up popcorn from a movie night you had months ago collect in the fibers and are abrasive enough to wear away the fibers. You want your carpet to last as long as possible — and professional carpet cleaning services that deep clean all the way down to the base of the fibers is just what you need to do so.

Providing Proper Care

Just because vacuuming doesn’t clean as deep as professional services doesn’t mean you should stop using it. Vacuuming regularly does help keep your carpets in good shape, especially when food crumbs and other items are spilled. It is also extremely important to clean up liquid spills as soon after they happen as possible by dabbing or blotting the stain and then using a carpet-specific cleaner. It is best to avoid rubbing the spill, as this will push the liquid deeper into the carpet.

Here at Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration, we use specialty equipment and high quality cleaners that are designed to get all the way down to the root of carpet fibers in order to break up and remove dirt and grime without causing any damage. Our combination of cleaners and heated steam dislodge any dirt, debris, and allergens from the fibers so that they can be easily suctioned up. Our equipment also does what at-home steamers cannot — suction up enough water after cleaning to prevent moldy carpets.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team at Steam Master Clean and Restoration and let us help you with all of your professional carpet cleaning services.

Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning services come with ample benefits for your carpets — and your life! Here are just a few of the reasons as to why we are so passionate about what we do:

  • It not only helps your carpet last longer, but it saves you money.
  • It makes your carpet look and feel incredible!
  • It minimizes allergens within your home to help you breathe easier.
  • It gets out tough, hard-to-reach stains
  • It allows your home to look great with minimal effort from you
  • It promotes better air quality
  • It cleans up messes from pets and children
  • It makes it easier to maintain clean carpets between professional carpet cleaning services

There are numerous other benefits of investing in professional carpet cleaning services with Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration. Contact us today to schedule your carpet cleaning!

Dedicated To Making Your Carpet Look And Feel Like New.

Whether you need a simple stain removed or need your entire carpet cleaned, we make it a point to go out of our way to provide you with the best results possible each and every time. If you are unhappy with the results of your professional carpet cleaning for any reason, we will happily come back and re-clean your carpets — free of charge.

Don’t live with a dirty or damaged carpet any longer — contact us today for your Speedy Fast Bid and to schedule your residential carpet cleaning services. With Steam Master Cleaning and Restoration on your side, your carpets can look good as new!

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This was the first time I’ve had my carpets professionally cleaned. Adam did an excellent job. He was very professional, courteous and efficient. I would recommend this company and Adam to everyone.
Fast and friendly customer service! I’ve used this company many times over the years (we have pets) and they do such an excellent job cleaning the carpet. They are very reliable and were able to accomadate our tight schedule!
Athena H.
Adam was super pleasant and professional. He thoroughly explained the cleaning process and answered all questions. I’m very happy with the finished product and will definitely be a return customer. Thanks Adam-my carpet looks brand new again..
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